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29 January 2021

We™ve all had days went our body is present, but our mind is absent, dwelling instead on troubling thoughts and anxieties from both inside and outside of school.

Effective learning cannot happen useless one is in the right state of mind. Rather than being a fringe activity, ensuring that everyone is in a fit state to learn (and teach) is vital, and therefore well-being should be a central part of making sure lessons and learning is successful. Improving well-being should permeate every part of school life, the curriculum, and be part of the school™s duty of care to both pupils and staff.

Drawing on inspiration from Peter Radford™s book Love Teaching, Keep Teaching, in this #UKEdChat discussion, which took place on Thursday 28th January 2021 at 8pm(UK) we discussed what is the status of boosting well-being in schools, how pupil well-being (or a lack of it) impacts on your lessons, and how schools can promote better communication of how we are as a school community.


  1. What is the status of well-being in your school? Is it something which your school actively promotes?

  2. What steps do you as an individual teacher do to ensure the well-being of your pupils is promoted?

  3. Do schools have a duty of care to promote well-being outside of school?

  4. How should our school system be changed to improve the well-being of pupils?

  5. What can senior leaders do to improve the well-being of pupils?

  6. What can senior leaders do to improve the well-being of teachers?

  7. How can teachers maintain a healthy balance between home and school life?

  8. What one thing would improve your well-being as a teacher?

Watch the webinar here.

Find out more about Love Teaching, Keep Teaching here.

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