Warriors, Settlers & Nomads

Discovering who we are and what we can be

By: Terence Watts


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Size: 234mm x 154mm
Pages : 240
ISBN : 9781899836482
Format: Paperback
Published: March 2000

Are you a Warrior? Are you a Settler? Are you a Nomad? Based upon the concept of evolutionary psychology this is a guide to self-discovery and self-liberation. Warriors, Settlers & Nomads utilises powerful hypnosis and visualisation techniques in a programme designed to release our hidden potential. It provides unique personal growth strategies that enable us to discover who we really are.

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Terence Watts

Terence Watts is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and the only psychology related therapist to have been awarded the MCGI (Member of the City & Guilds Institute). Founder of the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, The Terence Watts BWRT Institute and The British BrainWorking Research Society, he is an international lecturer and trainer and runs popular online training seminars.


  1. I strongly recommend this book to anyone on the road to greater awareness or self-empowerment
  2. Terence Watts teaches you practical and immediately applicable life strategies that will make your life richer and filled with meaning
  3. Once in a generation, a work of genius is discovered that you know instinctively will become mainstream and assimilated into modern culture. 'Warriors, Settlers & Nomadsis such a work of genius
  4. This book is a must read, one of the best I have read. I couldn't put it down, each page revealed more information, that just keeps you hooked. Easy to read, simple, great layout as a reference book too. It is interesting, mind-blowing and really hits home! After reading this I identified myself and also those around me as either warriors, settlers or nomads. I learnt more about myself and my fears and what I needed to do to move forward. This great work by Terence Watts helps us identify personality types and is now used with my clients to help them move forward. A must have for all therapists and highly recommended for anyone working with people. If only I had discovered this book earlier. 10 out of 10. This book will certainly change the way you think, it identifies the inheritance characteristics, that we all have. The programming, beliefs and ancestral behaviours that make us who we are. The best therapy guide book.

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