Welcome to our #BookOfTheWeek 'Get Off the Sofa' by Andrew Curran

19 September 2018

Are you looking for a prescription for a healthier life now that summer is over? If so, make way for our #BookOfTheWeek 'Get Off the Sofa' by Andrew Curran. Discover for yourselves and purchase a copy here.

If you aren™t prepared to apply it to yourself and take responsibility for your own health, don™t read it. But if you are, then go ahead and take a look inside our #BookOfTheWeek here.

Why not take some time out of your day to find out a bit more about Andrew Curran, author of our #BookOfTheWeek here.

"Even the most committed couch potato will love this book & will feel gently nudged, with a hearty chuckle, into doing something positive about their health." Browse the fantastic reviews of our #BookOfTheWeek on Amazon here.

If you prefer to purchase the kindle edition of a title then you'll be glad to know that our #BookOfTheWeek 'Get Off the Sofa' is available to purchase in this format here.

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