Welcome to our #BookOfTheWeek 'I Have a Voice' by Bob G Bodenhamer

29 August 2018

Meet our #BookOfTheWeek 'I Have a Voice' by Bob G Bodenhamer! Find out more about this title here now.

Sit back, relax and take a look inside our #BookOfTheWeek here.

Author, Bob G Bodenhamer also has a related hardback title 'Mastering Blocking and Stuttering', browse here.

The NLP in Healthcare Award was presented to Bob G Bodenhamer at the NLP award ceremony 2017!

Do you remember Mushy from the TV program 'Educating Yorkshire' who successfully overcome his stammer and continues to strive? If you can relate to Mushy, our #BookOfTheWeek 'I Have a Voice' may be of interest to you.

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