Welcome to our #BookOfTheWeek 'Provocations' by David Birch

26 September 2018

Our #BookOfTheWeek 'Provocations' by David Birch is now available as a paperback edition here now.

This weeks #BookOfTheWeek will help teachers to present ideas and stimulate discussions which both accommodate and engage adolescent appetites. So why not take a look inside here.

"It is on my desk at all times to dip into and stimulate discussions to improve and differentiate the learning in class and strategies that students can use to make progress." Discover the lovely reviews of our #BookOfTheWeek 'Provocations' here.

Find out a bit more about David Birch, author of our #BookOfTheWeek here.

Our #BookOfTheWeek 'Provocations' is reviewed on Andy Lewis' blog, who blogs about being a teacher. Check it out here.

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