Crown for £1 offer on 'WTF Just Happened?' – up to #3 in the Kindle charts!

12 January 2017

As we™re feeling generous, we are offering Martin Goodyer˜s recent title WTF Just Happened? on ebook at a special discounted price of £1 (‚¬0.97 and $1.20 in the US) for a very limited period.

On the product page simply click on the link to either Kindle or iTunes and you™ll be taken through to the site to complete your purchase.

The title is currently sitting at #3 in the Psychotherapy, TA & NLP Kindle rankings. Click here to see some sample pages from the book or, if you need any further encouragement to buy, here are the author™s ten-strong persuasive points on why you should read it!

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