A2 Level Psychology

The Study Guide

By: Nigel Holt , Rob Lewis


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Size: 264mm x 196mm
Pages : 150
ISBN : 9781845901011
Format: Paperback
Published: September 2011

This complete study and revision guide provides all the key information needed to get the best possible grade in the A2 exam. It contains helpful hints, tips and advice throughout on how to answer the exam questions effectively and efficiently.

Exercises and step-by-step guidance are provided to develop practical research skills, and a focus on exam-style questions provides opportunities for essential practice. A full examination paper is included, complete with suggested answers, for exam practice, and there are plenty of opportunities for stretch and challenge'.

With sample questions and answers and a section on revision advice together with a comprehensive glossary, this really is the ultimate guide to improving grades!

Picture for author Nigel Holt

Nigel Holt

Nigel Holt is Head of Psychology at Aberystwyth University. He has taught psychology at GCSE and A level and worked for many years as a senior examiner for AQA. In addition to his ongoing research as a cognitive psychologist, Nigel is an established textbook author and editor of a large number of books for undergraduate students.

Picture for author Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis is a Senior Lecturer in the Cardiff School of Education at Cardiff Metropolitan University. He has considerable experience and success teaching A level psychology, and for many years was a senior examiner for AQA. In addition to teaching and examining, Rob has been actively involved in A Level specification development and delivering INSET and CPD training for teachers.


  1. Holt and Lewis have dished up a refreshing and thought provoking new look text for the A2 AQA A syllabus, reflective of their AS text. Each section of this text book is clearly signposted, making it easy to use even for the most book-shy of students. Each topic is dealt with in a sensible, no-nonsense, logical progression. This starts with a general description of a concept, theme or theory and then provides good quality evidence to support it.

    Each sections flows with a soothing tempo which lulls the reader with a sense of familiarity, encouraging them to read on. Every page prompts the learner with examples of exam questions and nuggets of advice from examiners, thus ensuring that the end goal (exam success) and how to achieve it is at the forefront of the students mind.
    There are plenty of opportunities to revise skills and test your knowledge through various self assessments and I particularly like the various examples of dynamic revision strategies that Holt and
    Lewis employ; providing them detailed examples of how to frame structured cue cards and produce elaborate mind maps.
    It is refreshing to see so many AS topics revisited and reviewed rather than expecting the student to remember or have to refer to a separate text. There is also an excellent section that deals with exam skills and how to unpack exam questions. It depicts various assessment objectives with unselfish links to other revision sources.
    This is an essential text for anyone studying A level psychology through AQA and a delightful dip-in dip-out text book for users of other syllabuses - in fact a bit of something for everyone.
  2. I like the way the book is presented! I never took the A2 Psychology exam, but if it had been available to me when I was at school, this book would've been a God-send! The authors of -˜A2 Level Psychology the study guide', Nigel Holt and Rob Lewis, sail through the A2 material with the depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding necessary for guiding the reader through the topics that the exam covers.

    These are: Human biological rhythms, theories of perception, information on relationships, information on aggression and eating disorders, as well as focusing on gender issues, intelligence, learning, cognition and development. All these are in the first half of the book.

    The last half is divided into three main sections, A, B and C. (These sections finish covering the material that must be floodlighted in guiding the reader through A2 Psychology.) Section A looks at psychopathology, schizophrenia, depression, and anxieties such as phobia and obsessive compulsion. Section B focuses on psychology in action. It addresses media psychology, addiction and anomalistic psychology. Section C highlights psychological research and scientific method. Finally, an overview of what is expected for the exam is spotlighted.

    I wrote a review for the student textbook (which was good!), and I'm delighted to review this study guide, which is even better. It is a tremendously useful guide. Concepts are offered in formal and informal manners, such as charts and -˜interactive' pages, respectively. Therefore the reader can process the information offered, more deeply. Each key topic has detailed background information. There are additional materials such as the index and the list of useful revision websites.

    A clearly planned and well-written book! It has many sub-titles serving as sign-posts, for helping the reader manoeuvre about the book easily. -˜A2 Level Psychology' is filled with interesting boxes, charts and icons, with questions for the reader to answer. An excellent revision tool - See for yourself.
  3. Love the book - very clear and useful sections in each chapter which are engaging to the learner- ask an examiner in each section was exceptionally useful, considering the authors are experienced examiners. Links to Idea are excellent to integrate issues and debates. The layout is easy to read and user friendly.

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