Crown House WJEC Psychology

AS Level

By: Rob Lewis , Nigel Holt , Nicola Taylor , Kirsty White


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Size: 254 x 203mm
Pages : 256
ISBN : 9781845909758
Format: Paperback
Published: October 2015

Edited by Nigel Holt and Rob Lewis, the authors of the hugely successful AS Level Psychology: The Student's Textbook (ISBN 9781845900939) and The Study Guide (ISBN 9781845900953), this new resource rigorously examines what students need to know for the WJEC psychology AS specification. The beautifully designed, easy-to-use textbook comprehensively covers all of the course material and offers exam hints and questions to aid study. The Crown House WJEC Psychology (A2 level) book will be available at a later date.

Picture for author Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis is a Senior Lecturer in the Cardiff School of Education at Cardiff Metropolitan University. He has considerable experience and success teaching A level psychology, and for many years was a senior examiner for AQA. In addition to teaching and examining, Rob has been actively involved in A Level specification development and delivering INSET and CPD training for teachers.

Picture for author Nigel Holt

Nigel Holt

Nigel Holt is Head of Psychology at Aberystwyth University. He has taught psychology at GCSE and A level and worked for many years as a senior examiner for AQA. In addition to his ongoing research as a cognitive psychologist, Nigel is an established textbook author and editor of a large number of books for undergraduate students.

Picture for author Nicola Taylor

Nicola Taylor

Nicola Taylor is subject leader for social science at Monmouth Comprehensive School. She has extensive experience of teaching AS and A level psychology and has worked as an examiner for over ten years, marking both AS and A2 psychology papers. In addition to being head of a very successful department, she is also a qualified counsellor and hypnotherapist.

Picture for author Kirsty White

Kirsty White

Kirsty White is a psychology graduate from Cardiff University and is trained to teach in both further and secondary education. She began her teaching career at Monmouth Comprehensive School and has recently returned to further education. She has experience of working with individuals with mental health and personality disorders, and has a keen interest in the fields of clinical and forensic psychology.


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