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16 April 2018

‹Featured within this issue of Teach Secondary are:

''Based on neuroscience' might sound like a convincing argument in favour of the next best teaching technique - but beware...' by David Didau.

'Providing extracurricular activities is increasingly challenging for many schools - but it's more important for staff and students alike than ever' by Vic Goddard.

'16 questions for faster progress.' "Instant feedback can dramatically improve learning and achievement", says Sarah Findlater, a contributor to 'Don't change the Light Bulbs'.

'The GCSE Mindset' is included in 'Off the shelves. Brilliant titles for you and your students to explore."

'How to teach a GCSE mindset'. "Focus on these five, key, non-cognitive traits", say Steve Oakes and Martin Griffin - "and you can transform any student into an effective learner..."

"Thinking about hard ideas is appealing." "Still trying to come up with lessons that are 'relevant and engaging'? It's not just your own time you're wasting", warns Andy Lewis, a contributor to 'Don't change the Light Bulbs'.

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