Authors featured in Teach Secondary Issue 7.6

10 September 2018

‹Featured in this issue of Teach Secondary are:

'Not happy with the prevailing culture in your classroom? With a little understanding about how normative messages work, you can start to change your students' attitides...' David Didau.

'GCSE 9-1 success one chunk at a time...' Jake Hunton.

'How to save time with differentiation.' "When you are responding to the needs of individual students, everyone benefits", says Sue Cowley.

'7 questions to ask about AfL.' "Aquick audit of your formative assessment practice could lead to better teaching and learning!, suggests Claire Gadsby.

'The illusion of knowledge.' "If we want an accurate picture of our students' understanding, we need to realise that we can't see learning", warns David Didau.

'Do rewards work?' Discover what Professor Mick Waters says.

'4 ways to make it work for you: 'Best of the best' curators Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman have some practical strategies to suggest.'

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