Bringing Forth the Bard by Zoe Enser has been shortlisted for the UKLA Academic Book Award 2023!

18 April 2023

We're so pleased to announce that Bringing Forth the Bard: A guide to teaching Shakespeare in the English classroom by Zoe Enser has been shortlisted the for UKLA Academic Book Award 2023!

Bringing Forth the Bard links together the golden threads which run through Shakespeare’s work and highlights how teachers can best explore these with students. Zoe equips busy teachers with the core knowledge that will enable them to make links between the themes, characters, language and allusions in Shakespeare’s oeuvre. Each chapter includes tips on how to bring his plays to life in the classroom, and features case studies from practising teachers in a range of contexts to illustrate how they can ensure that their students develop an appreciation of his work.

Find out more about the book here.

Read the full shortlist for the award here.


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