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26 October 2018

Here™s your chance to pick up Mark Burns and Andy Griffith˜s The Learning Imperative and Chris Watson˜s Upskill for just £1 each on Kindle and iBook! (From 8am on Monday 22nd October to midnight on Friday 26th October 2018.)

The Learning Imperative - Buy the Amazon Kindle version here or the Apple iBook version here.

Upskill - Buy the Amazon Kindle version here or the Apple iBook version here.

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'A Head Full of Ethos' by Armando Di-Finizio is now available!
A head teacher’s insightful account of how to go about developing a shared vision and blending it into a school’s culture and day-to-day running.
'40 Ways to Diversify the History Curriculum' by Elena Stevens is coming this June!
A practical, wide-ranging compendium of enquiries and case studies that helps history teachers diversify, reimagine and decolonise the history curriculum.
'Bringing Forth the Bard' by Zoe Enser is due to arrive this June!
Links together the golden threads which run through Shakespeare’s work and highlights how teachers can best explore these with students and include them in the wider English curriculum.
Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters have written a blog post for the BERA
"We all learned at school Churchill’s comment that ‘democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time’ (quoted in Langworth, 2008, p. 583). So when somebody gave us both Jacques Rancière’s Hatred of Democracy (2006), despite the warning that we would find it ‘hard going’, we couldn’t resist."