David Didau and Vic Goddard feature in Teach Secondary

18 May 2017

Issue 6.4 of Teach Secondary includes a school of thought article, œDeveloping students™ metacognitive skills could certainly improve progress - but thinking about thinking isn™t a subject in itself by David Didau, author of ˜The Secret of Literacy - Making the implicit explicit™, ˜What if everything you knew about education was wrong?™ and ˜The perfect (ofsted) english lesson™.

Vic Godard also writes a school of thought article in this issue of Teach Secondary, œEven after a Supreme Court judgement, the issue of term time absence remains something of a minefield¦

Vic is author of ˜The best job in the world™ and co-author of ˜Don™t change the light bulbs - A compendium of expertise from the UK™s most switched-on educators™.

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