'Making Every English Lesson Count is reviewed in The School Librarian journal

12 March 2018

œThis volume which brings together six principles to support ˜great™, presumably effective, reading and writing, is part of a series all of which highlight the same six principles - challenge, explanation, modelling, practice, questioning and feedback - in other areas of education: Primary teaching, Maths teaching and Science teaching.These principles, it is claimed, are the basis of effective teaching.Its audience is English teachers, both those new to the profession and experienced practitioners. It brings together modern research in the area of quality teaching and learning and marries this with very basic and time-honoured wisdom. There is, too, a useful and extensive Bibliography.

Successive chapters explore and develop these principles. Each chapter closes with a number of self-assessment questions which the teacher should seek to answer. Throughout the book practical examples and typical classroom situations are adduced to illustrate how the principles can be implemented. Interspersed with the scholarship are thoughts and ideas which hopefully will be inspirational particularly to young teachers, ˜A child should be challenged just outside his comfort zone.™ The importance of the teacher showing his/her love of subject - this can be so motivating. What might also have been advocated is the sharing of methods and materials among colleagues within a department: to observe at close quarters what works and what does not work is invaluable. A wide-ranging compendium of facts, ideas and practical guidance, this will be a useful resource in English bases/workrooms.

Click here for more information and to purchase a copy of 'Making Every English Lesson Count' by Andy Tharby.

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