Prince Harry 'regrets not speaking about Princess Diana's death'

25 July 2016

‹Prince Harry has recently spoken out on how he held back from discussing his late mother Princess Diana™s death and his regret for not being able to share his emotions more openly with others earlier in his life.

The prince spoke at an event for Heads Together, a mental health charity formed by himself and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge which aims to open up discussion about mental health via a number of other charities nationwide in order to break down its associated stigma within wider society.

The charity™s message is echoed by Avril McDonald in her recently published Feel Brave series of illustrated children™s books which help children deal with anxiety, confidence issues, bullying, fears, change, loss and grief in an engaging, creative and non-threatening way.These œlittle stories about big feelings help children develop the resilience they need to cope effectively with these important issues as they grow up.

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