Stress, Pressure, and Over Reliance on Cell Phones - Alise Cortez talks to Edward Watson

10 August 2017

"But why do so many people fear and avoid failure, when it™s one of the most potent learning devices ever devised? In this episode, we talk with mental skills and performance coach Edward Watson about how to cultivate a growth mindset and embrace failure. Also, Mr. Watson will share the perspective he™s cultivated about the differences between boys and girls in terms of how they handle stress as derived from the years of work he™s done in schools. Finally, he™ll discuss the perils of a global society™s fixation and over reliance on cell or iphones, and how their use very poorly positions young people entering the workforce."

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Edward Watson is co-author of a newly published book ˜Release Your Inner Drive™ - Click here for more information and click here to look inside the book.

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