The Amazing Life of Ormond McGill

By: Ormond McGill


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Size: 234mm x 156mm
Pages : 448
ISBN : 9781845900014
Format: Paperback
Published: June 2005

This autobiography is a different kind of magical hypnotism book. It tells you all the secrets of hypnotism. And it tells you about the life of the most famous stage hypnotist of the 20th century, a lifetime devoted to professional performance of the magic, the mystic and the hypnotic. Ormond has hypnotised audiences all over the world with his exciting stage shows. Using original sketches, photographs, and press material, Ormond explains techniques such as:

- Performing Hypnosis on Stage
- Acupressure Hypnotic Induction
- Self-Hypnosis
- Mind Control
- Real Mind Reading
- Past-Life Regression
- Atomic Magic
- Yogi Pramayama Practices

For everyone eager to learn more about the secrets of the stage show, this book provides wise counsel from the master performer. Join Ormond on his odyssey and share in a lifetime of rich and varied experiences. This is a performance not to be missed!

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Ormond McGill

Ormond McGill was known as The Dean of American Hypnotists. He was a magician and hypnotist of international renown, and toured many parts of the world with his exciting stage shows: East Indian Miracles, The Seance of Wonders, Real Mental Magic, South Sea Island Magic and The Concert of Hypnotism, to name but a few. Ormond McGill was also a naturalist of prominence, his contributions to entomology and conchology being well known in those fields.


  1. At 91 Ormond McGill is still at it, writing, teaching and sharing his enthusiasm and skills.

    What an interesting life has been experienced by this amazing Magician/Hypnotherapist. Not only has he entertained countless lovers of magic, mysticism and hypnotism, he is a sharer of his secrets in all three areas.

    The book is a gem, a gift. There's magic, wisdom, philosophy, reminiscing, hypnotism, hypnotherapy ("... making you master of your mind rather than being mastered by your mind.") Yogi Pranayama, hypnomeditation and much more.

    Be prepared to be carried along on "his odyssey and share in a lifetime of rich and varied experiences. This is a performance not to be missed."

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