The Fire Fighters Charity edition of The Wolf was Not Sleeping by Avril McDonald is now available to buy.

01 August 2022

The Wolf was Not Sleeping is a heartwarming bedtime story specially written by Avril McDonald to soothe the anxiety of children whose parents work as first responders and to encourage conversations which help them manage trauma. This Fire Fighters Charity edition of the book has a dedication from HRH Price William and features characters from the fire service. A donation will be made to The Fire Fighters Charity for every copy sold. 

An ideal bedtime read for young children whose parents are first responders, whether they be firefighters, police officers, ambulance crew, coastguards, or work in any other roles within stressful environments.

"This book is dedicated to you, the children of fire families and the grown-ups you love. It is here for you when you might be feeling scared or worried about them. Be proud of the important part your family plays in keeping us all safe from trouble or harm." – HRH Prince William

You can learn more and order the book here.

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