The Five Clues by Anthony Kessel has won the Derbyshire Schools' Book Award 2023!

24 April 2023

We are so pleased to announce that the first book in the Don't Doubt the Rainbow series by Anthony Kessel, The Five Clues, has won the Derbyshire Schools' Book Award 2023!

The Five Clues is a real-time murder-mystery thriller and family drama, combining an exciting race against time with a heart-rending story that follows 13-year-old detective, Edie Marble as she learns to live with the loss of a beloved parent whilst searching for clues and seeking to solve the mystery around her mothers death.

To solve each mystery, Edie must harness the Three Principles, a new approach to understanding how the mind works that is currently proving invaluable in improving mental health and well-being in children internationally.

Find out more and get your copy of the book here!

You can also take a sneak peek inside the book here.

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