Welcome to our #BookOfTheWeek ‘Dirty Teaching’!

28 February 2018

Click here to discover and purchase a copy of our #BookOfTheWeek ˜Dirty Teaching™, our best seller at a conference attended last week!

Why not take a look inside the book here.

Click here to learn a bit more about Juliet Robertson, author of our #BookOfTheWeek and listen to Juliet™s podcast with Pivotal Education.

If you love ˜Dirty Teaching™ as much as we do, you may be interested in ˜Messy Maths™ another fabulous title by Juliet Robertson.

Check out the brilliant 5* reviews of ˜Dirty Teaching™ on Amazon and it™s impressively high ranking in Amazon™s best sellers rank here.

Juliet Robertson, author of our #BookOfTheWeek ˜Dirty Teaching™ has a fantastic blog awaiting your discovery if you haven™t already done so - view here now!

You can also head on over to our Twitter and Facebook platforms for more information on our #BookOfTheWeek!

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