Welcome to our #BookOfTheWeek 'My Child's Different' by Elaine Halligan

21 November 2018

‹Find out more about our #BookOfTheWeek ˜My Child™s Different™ by Elaine Halligan and purchase your copy here now!

Take a look inside here.

Watch Elaine introducing her recently published title here.

˜It™s still too easy for kids like mine to be written off as naughty.™ Read Elaine™s interview with ˜The Telegraph™ here.

œAbsolutely heart warming inner family life, real life experience. Discover the fabulous 5* reviews of ˜My Child™s Different™ our #BookOfTheWeek on Amazon here now. Kindle edition also available here.

œElaine has an extraordinary story. Her journey to becoming one of the world™s leading parenting experts began with her own son™s difficulties at school. Listen to Elaine™s podcast with The Extraordinary Business Book Club here.

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