Fantastic features of Crown House authors in Teach Secondary

15 November 2017

Features within this issue of Teach Secondary are:

David Didau, ˜Teaching young people the language of academic success could bring us much closer to getting rid of the achievement gap™.

Vic Goddard, ˜Reading what fellow professionals have written about the job you do every day could be one of the best investments of precious time you ever make™.

œIt is immoral, unjustified and frankly fraudulent œAll schools need to tackle poor behaviour, says Paul Dix - but a policy that is known never to work for 10% of students cannot be the answer.

Included in ˜off the shelves. Brilliant titles for you and your students to explore™ - ˜Release your inner drive™ by Bradley Busch and Edward Watson.

˜The problem with peer assessment™ - œFeedback only works if the person giving it knows what they are talking, says Phil Beadle - and that™s why students are rubbish at it.

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