'Kick the Drink... Easily!' Ranked Number 1 in Wales-published Top 10 in The Bookseller Magazine.

05 May 2017

‹As featured in The Bookseller: œWales™ publishing scene is led by Crown House, the Bancyfelin, Carmarthen-based, self-help and education specialist. It shifted £610,718 through the Total Consumer Market last year, and grabs four spots in our Wales-published top 10.

Crown House books in the top 10 are:

1. ˜Kick the Drink¦ Easily!™ by Jason Vale.

4. ˜Outstanding Teaching¦ Backwards™ by A Griffiths & M Burns.

5. ˜Making Every Lesson Count™ by S Allison & A Tharby.

6. ˜The Lazy Teacher™s Handbook™ by Jim Smith.

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