NLP Awards 2017 - Winners!

08 May 2017

The ‹NLP Lifetime Contribution Award, awarded following a public vote was presented to Tad James - Author of ˜Presenting Magically - Transforming Your Stage Presence With NLP™ and ˜Hypnosis - A comprehensive Guide™

The NLP in Healthcare Award was presented to Bob G Bodenhamer - Author of numerous books, and co-author of ˜Innovations in NLP - For Challenging Times™

The NLP Internationally Award was presented to Richard Bolstad - Co-author of ˜Innovations in NLP - For Challenging Times™ and ˜The Structure of Personality - Modelling œPersonality Using NLP And Neuro-Semantics™, and author of ˜RESOLVE - A New Model of Therapy™.

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