Puffed Out – advanced copies now available

24 February 2017

Copies of Will Hussey and Barry Hymer˜s new title, Puffed Out: The three little pigs™ guide to a growth mindset, are now in stock and available to buy.

Learners using the book will develop the confidence and independence to pursue their own ideas and opinions as they think creatively and cultivate original and innovative responses. Students are encouraged to respond as they see fit, developing key skills transferable to wider areas of the curriculum “ and life. This has the added advantage of cultivating intrinsic motivation and a love of learning in the process. The challenges will capture learners™ interest and curiosity by appealing to their sense of fun and nonsense. Word play, puns and writing prompts simultaneously encourage the development of literacy skills. Extension material and helpful nudges mean the activities are self-differentiating and will appeal to all abilities across key stages 1“3.

Suitable for primary and lower secondary teachers.

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