The Personal Success Handbook

Everything you need to be successful

By: Curly Martin


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Size: 234mm x 156mm
Pages : 280
ISBN : 9781845900908
Format: Paperback
Published: March 2008

Building on the success of the bestselling The Life Coaching Handbook: Everything you need to be an effective life coach (ISBN 9781899836710) and The Business Coaching Handbook: Everything you need to be your own business coach (ISBN 9781845900601) comes The Personal Success Handbook: Everything you need to be successful.

We are all different and success means different things to different people. Curly’s new title, aimed at the individual, leads readers on a journey to define success. Once defined, she encourages us to look at ways to be successful in many different elements of life. Chapters include:

  • health
  • wealth
  • happiness
  • leadership
  • entrepreneurship
  • careers
  • spirituality
  • relationships
  • emotions and many more

The Personal Success Handbook gives the reader the techniques, methodologies, tips, ideas, inspiration and practical guidance needed for success.

Picture for author Curly Martin

Curly Martin

Curly Martin is the trail blazing author of the international ground-breaking bestseller The Life Coaching Handbook, a world first life coaching book written specifically for life coaches on how to build a life coaching business. This means that she is the pioneer for Life Coach Training. She has written The Business Coaching Handbook and The Personal Success Handbook which complete this handbook series.

She has also written or co-written over 30 books and articles on coaching. Curly is a Fellow member of The International Authority of Professional Coaching and Mentoring, which means she has met their highest robust criteria. Curly Martin 'an inspirational trainer, an un-equalled coach and one of the most impressive human beings I've ever met.' - Simon Cheung LCH Dip. Curly is the forerunner of life coach training, a pioneer and ground breaking author, top ten life coach (Observer Magazine) and one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles.

She founded Achievement Specialists Limited, an internationally accredited life coach training company in 1997 (incorporated 2004) using her 25+ years experience as a business coach, mentor and trainer.

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  1. “What a fabulous book!

    An absolute must for anyone who wants to make the most of life. It's easy to read, inspiring, and offers page after page of really practical information, tips, exercises, and insights. I will be referring back to it often, because it will help me make the changes I want.

    Curly's style is warm, generous, and refreshingly “to the point”. No words are wasted, resulting in a book which is comprehensive & empowering. Recognising that we are all individuals, and we can each choose how we respond to and influence our life, Curly provides the means for powerful positive change, with integrity and generosity of spirit”.
  2. Whatever the word 'success' means to you, this book covers it.

    Curly has a flowing style of writing and is easy to follow. This is a practical, yet fun, handbook and is full of useful tips and suggestions for how to achieve success in every area of life.

    Her warmth and enthusiasm infuse every chapter and she encourages the reader to take action in their own life through the use of case studies, advice and diagnostic boxes along the way.

    A highly recommended book for anyone wanting to improve their life and achieve success.
  3. I love books that make a difference - and the Personal Success Handbook is one of those! Packed full of useful ideas, it gives direction and a sense of purpose as you read it. It focuses attention on the practical and possible action steps needed to move anyone's life forward in all areas. The illustrative stories add to our understanding and the many exercises and activites woven throughout the text, encourage us gently, but firmly, along the path of change. Easy to read, free of jargon, thought provoking and purposeful - a book for those people serious about life improvement - so LET'S DO IT!
  4. Curly Martin tops off a terrific trilogy in her “handbook' series with an intensive examination of the multi-faceted & elusive gem we know as personal success.

    Here we are not only introduced to a whole host of subjects that can enhance our lives, but are treated to Curly's very own RAWPOWER model, borne from over two decades of her own personal success. I found this to be a highly useful tool that I could apply instantly to my life to help expedite success.

    The Personal Success Handbook is written in Curly's warm & absorbing style once again, which makes the subject matter breathe with her fresh perspective & delightful humour. It offers the reader plenty of opportunity to reflect on what is being presented, as well as encouragement to take action to move us forward on our journey to success ” something not always present in books of this nature.

    Quite simply put, this book would be outstanding addition to the library of anyone who is serious about personal development; whatever your current level of achievement, the Personal Success Handbook will help propel you off the starting blocks down the track to YOUR personal success with a renewed perspective & inspired confidence
  5. This superb practical book starts by asking you to define what success means for you. Once that is decided you can select topics ranging from health, finances, spiritual, emotional control, career planning, getting the ideal job, easy to use models for influencing your boss and relationships. All chapters have stories for each area and soul searching questions to guide you towards attaining your success. No hype, just great easy to use ideas and strategies so that you can get out of bed on a wet Monday morning with a smile on your face!
  6. One of Curly's many strengths is her ability to put across (complicated) Information in an easy to understand manner. Having met Curly various times I can wholeheartedly say that she is a living and breathing example of her methodologies. Her first two books were great, this is even better. The Personal Success Handbook is fun,informative and potentially life-changing.
  7. If you like personal development books, you really must add this to your collection. This book has an easy to read and use format with chapter synopsis at the start of each chapter, followed by inspiring stories to illuminate the topic, quick reference self questioning boxes throughout, a call to action at the end of the chapters and your very own action plan page. It is full of ideas, tips and proven methodologies for personal success.
  8. This book, written in such an infectious and enthusiastic style, is extremely easy to pick up and read. It has approached the subject in a straightforward and logical manner, breaking it down into thought provoking readily digestible, manageable sections. Approaching the subject, as I did, with little knowledge of life-coaching, one cannot fail but to have one's usual mindset challenged and to be inspired and stimulated onto a path of self-analysis and diagnosis and self-improvement and increased personal aspiration.

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