Lots of our lovely authors are kicking off the new school year in Teach Primary magazine!

02 January 2020

Stephanie Davies, author of Laughology, pens the letter she always wanted to write to the teacher who saw behind the behaviour issues. While all of her other teachers washed their hands of the problem kid, Mrs Harmer took an interest!

Jonathan Lear, author of The Monkey-Proof Box and Guerrilla Teaching, discusses all things creativity and the curriculum. He's throwing the right kind of spanner into the works with the introduction of concept-based learning.

Bradley Busch and Edward Watson, authors of Release Your Inner Drive, talk all things praise and the primary pupil. It's a double-edged sword, either helping or hindering “ so what type of approval should teachers give their children and when?

Pick up a copy of Teach Primary issue 14.1 on newstands now to see their articles in full!

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