Happy National Storytelling Week!

30 January 2019

The Feel Brave Series by Avril McDonald:

˜The Grand Wolf™

The Wolf and the Baby Dragon™ 

˜The Wolf and the Shadow Monster™ 

˜The Wolf is Not Invited™ 

˜The Wolf™s Colourful Coat™ 

Avril McDonald also returns with some of the colourful, lovable characters from her Feel Brave series to help nurture young children™s physical and mental well-being through a combination of activity and poetry. Click here to discover 'The Purrfect Pawse'.

Meet Bob as he journeys along the magical River Mumbles, which flows through Grumbledown. Find out more about 'Bob and the River of Time' by James Garner here

Gilbert Filbert and his big MAD box, by Ian Gilbert and Andy Gilbert, is the story of one boy™s desire to make a difference and help his mother find her smile again. Take a look here now! 

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