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11 April 2019

‹Featured in this issue of Teach Secondary are:

˜Learning through experimentation might come in handy for a zombie apocalypse - but schools should focus on sharing what we already know ...™ David Didau.

˜Left to their own devices, even the most able students can struggle with revision - which is why it™s our job to guide them every step of the way ...™ Vic Goddard.

˜Who remembers Caroline? Spending some time considering minor characters can help students develop a much deeper relationship with GCSE texts™, suggests Chris Curtis.

˜Meet brilliant author, Andy Tharby™.

˜Off the shelves. Brilliant titles for you and your students to explore ... ˜Making Kids Cleverer™ by David Didau, ˜How to Explain Absolutely Anything to Absolutely Anyone™ by Andy Tharby and ˜The Student Mindset™ by Steve Oakes and Martin Griffin.

˜Keep it simple. If your students are making mistakes with collecting like terms in algebra, it could be because they still don™t fully understand addition™, says Peter Mattock.

˜What is the point? When kids can find out everything they need to know from books - or the internet - then do we really need formal education at all? David Didau would like us to think about it ...™

œThis is honestly the best CPD delivery and content I have ever been to - ES, Secondary teacher. In relation to InnerDrive the organisation ran by Bradley Busch and Edward Watson, authors of ˜Release Your Inner Drive™.

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